Introducing Greg Attwells

Into the Sea could be the coolest gospel album I’ve heard. It’s fresh and real and hits me deep.
— Adrian, Universal Music


Greg Attwells is a renaissance man driven by craft and authenticity. He’s employed full-time as an IP Strategist at FINCH, finding insights that focus creative development as well as brand, marketing and commercialisation strategy. He also spearheads Creatable, a High School creative technology curriculum for girls that is teaching young women how to channel their creativity through technology, giving them a platform to realise their potential.


Empowering women is a core value for Greg who believes deeply in their capacity and potential for leadership, influence, creativity and impact. This belief has led Greg to also chair the board of Iysha, a non-profit that provides host family accommodation for female survivors of human trafficking, of which his wife Penny is CEO. Greg has a Communications Degree in Digital Media and a Masters Degree in Leadership.


Moved by honesty, Greg is perhaps most notably a prolific songwriter and unique Australian artist. He has released numerous albums over the last 7 years hailing from folk/gospel roots, growing more recently into an edgier pop offering with a Springsteen-esque flair. His work has been featured on radio, TV and internationally released feature films and he’s really only just getting started.